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Democristianos and social democrats continue negotiating a government agreement in Germany

Ⓒ AFP – Tobias Schwarz – | Angela Merkel (left) talks to Martin Schulz (center) in a meeting room of the CDU headquarters on Tuesday, February 6 in Berlin, during negotiations for the formation of government in Germany

Conservatives of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats were still negotiating this Wednesday morning in Berlin to reach a coalition government agreement.

The negotiations started on Tuesday morning and continued throughout the day and night. The Christian Democrats of Merkel (CDU / CSU) and the Social Democrats of the SPD had set the last day on Tuesday.

The legislative elections of last September, marked by the fall of the traditional parties and the advance of the extreme right, did not allow to establish a clear majority in the Chamber of Deputies.

Merkel tried at first to reach an agreement of government with the liberals and the ecologists, but it failed.

To stay ahead of the country for a fourth term, and avoid early elections, he then opted to seek an agreement with the Social Democrats and repeat the coalition of the outgoing government.

The SPD, which obtained poor results in the legislatures (20.5% of the votes) and continues to fall in the polls, is very divided. Many of its members blame Schulz for not fulfilling his promises to orient the party to the left and not to negotiate with Merkel.

Schulz must obtain important and visible concessions to reduce the risk that the party’s base will reject the agreement.

Indeed, the SPD announced before starting the negotiations that the last word would be held by the 440,000 members of the party through a postal vote.

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