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New York sued Weinstein and his company for failing to protect employees from sexual harassment

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Yann COATSALIOU – | Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on May 23, 2017 during the Cannes Film Festival

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced on Sunday he filed a lawsuit against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his company for failing to protect their employees from harassment and sexual assault.

The lawsuit against the movie mogul, his brother Robert Weinstein and producer The Weinstein Company, says the company “repeatedly violated New York law by failing to protect its employees from widespread sexual harassment, intimidation and discrimination,” he said. the prosecutor in a statement.

“Every sale of The Weinstein Company must ensure that the victims are compensated, that employees are protected from now on, and that neither those responsible nor those who allowed this are unjustly enriched,” Schneiderman added. “Every New Yorker has the right to a work environment free of sexual harassment, intimidation and fear.”

Since October of last year, when the scandal broke, the powerful film producer was accused of harassment, sexual assault or rape by more than a hundred women.

Weinstein, investigated by the police of New York and London, assures that all his relations were consensual.

After a four-month investigation, the prosecution interviewed multiple employees of the company, executives and alleged victims of Weinstein. He also reviewed “exhaustively” company files and emails.

The lawsuit states that Weinstein threatened his employees with phrases such as “I will kill you”, “I will kill your family” or “you do not know what I am capable of”. He boasted of his high political connections and claimed that he had contact with the secret service, which could solve problems.

At Weinstein’s request, the company employed a group of women whose main task was to accompany the producer to events and facilitate their sexual conquests.

Another group of employees, almost all women, were assistants who had to keep space in their agenda for sexual activities and take several steps to increase their sexual life, by contacting “Amigos de Harvey” by phone or text messages at their request.

A third group, also almost 100% female executives, was also forced to facilitate Weinstein’s sexual conquests, according to the indictment, although they had been allegedly hired to help the company produce films and television projects.

“The female employees of Weinstein are essentially used to facilitate their sexual conquests of vulnerable women who expect him to get them work,” one of them told the prosecution, which accuses the company of not investigating these accusations or doing anything to prevent repeat themselves.

The prosecution also says that Weinstein drivers in New York or Los Angeles should always carry condoms and injections against erectile dysfunction for their boss.

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